Columbus, Nebraska, June 16, 2023 — Behlen Mfg. Co. (Behlen), a leading manufacturer of metal products, headquartered in Columbus, Nebraska, has announced a strategic restructuring plan that will involve the closure of its Omaha, Nebraska facility – Behlen Technology & Manufacturing (BTM). The decision comes in response to external factors that have necessitated a comprehensive evaluation of their product portfolio and manufacturing operations.

The restructuring plan entails the closure and disposition of assets for the BTM/Omaha facility. These assets will be relocated to Columbus, where the business will be consolidated with the Custom Fabrication business. Once that is accomplished the existing facility in Omaha will either be re-purposed or sold.

“Today’s announcement increases our focus on growing the Behlen Country, Behlen Building Systems, and Behlen International & Diversified Products business units,” said Tom Boal, CEO & President of Behlen Mfg. Co. “This will position us to remain competitive in fluctuating economic environments.”

Behlen is pleased to offer the opportunity for the Omaha Plant workforce to transfer to its Columbus location. Those who choose to pursue this option will be welcomed into the newly consolidated business unit. This consolidation will enable Behlen to enhance efficiencies, foster innovation, and maintain its high standard of customer service.

Behlen remains committed to its customers, suppliers, and Partners in Progress (employees). Behlen is confident that this strategic restructuring will enable them to strengthen their competitive position, improve operational effectiveness, and deliver enhanced value to its business partners.

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