In 1936, Behlen Mfg. Co. was founded in the Columbus, Nebraska garage of Walter D. Behlen. The first products produced by Behlen were steel toe caps for work shoes and clamps for wooden egg crates.

The company quickly gained a reputation for innovative, quality farm products. In 1950, Behlen broadened the company’s focus and expanded their products by offering grain bins and dryers, as well as a self-framing building system known as S-Span.

In 1969, Behlen was sold to the Wickes Corporation, and in 1982, TR Raimondo, joined the company as the General Manager. Following a major change in the grain industry in 1984, TR led a management buy-out and returned the company to local ownership that is still in place today.

This historic transition hinged on three key elements; organizational change, culture and marketing strategies. Behlen has been built on something special. The foundation put in place through the Behlen Building Blocks and implemented by our employees, known as Partners in Progress, has provided the basic beliefs that define the Behlen culture. Behlen has grown from its humble beginnings to a global leader in steel fabrication. But like any visionary company, Behlen knows its legacy will be determined on how it faces tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.
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